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UN Medical Services

UN Medical ServicesIs it possible for a prestigious medical clinic in New York City to exist if many of the hired doctors and registered nurses are not fully trained and licensed to practice medicine in New York State?

Actually, “yes.”

The United Nations Medical Services Division (UN MSD) operates a walk-in occupational health clinic on the fifth floor of the UN Secretariat building in the heart of Manhattan.  Ironically, the Director of the UN MSD, is not a licensed physician in the State of New York.  More shocking, Fox News on April 29, 2009 revealed that these so-called doctors and nurses have been distributing prescribed narcotics to themselves, which is strictly prohibited by the United States federal government’s Controlled-Substances Act and New York State law.

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) enforces the Controlled-Substances Act that requires a licensed physician to write a prescription in triplicate form to offer the patient the opportunity to purchase the prescribed medication at a pharmacy. The doctor must give a medical reason for why the patient must take the medicine.

Accordingly, a health clinic, which prescribes controlled-substances, must maintain a narcotics log book that details information of all the prescriptions previously written; including: the patient’s name, doctor’s name, date prescribed, medicine, its quantity and use instructions, medical reason for the drug and the DEA number associated with it. The clinic administrators must hand over the narcotics log book to the DEA upon request or face felony charges that may result in the forced closure of the clinic.

Writing a prescription in triplicate form is of great significance, since one of the 3 papers goes to the patient, the other for the doctor to record on the narcotics log book, and the third for the DEA. Allegedly, the UN MSD failed to follow proper legal procedures in distributing prescribed narcotics to patients and to themselves, since they may have been using the drugs to self-medicate themselves for recreational purposes. After Fox News broke the UN narcotics scandal, other news websites exposed more damaging evidence about the UN MSD and allegations of a cover-up scheme to protect the criminal accomplices and hide or tamper with the evidence.

As the scandal became public knowledge, the UN announced that it would conduct a formal internal investigation on the UN MSD, but  the UN Undersecretary General  for Management Angela Kane appeared to have contradicted herself at a press briefing on May 21, 2009. She claimed that the UN officially closed the investigation and cleared all individuals implicated with the narcotics scandal of any wrong-doing with the exception of a so-called whistle-blower. In her own words, she threatened to “sanction” the whistle-blower.

Nevertheless, the UN had never verifiably proven that the UN officially ended its investigation on the UN MSD, nor had these staff members been really cleared of wrong-doing. If so, why didn’t the UN submit official documents to the media revealing a closure of the investigation?

Yet, news websites also exposed more stunning revelations about staff members working at the UN MSD.  A licensed UN nurse, had been moonlighting in the evenings as a cabaret singer, according to the Cabaret Hotline website, which posted her performance schedule.  A UN MSD’s head nurse, faces criminal charges filed against her by the New York Police Department. She is accused of making threats against one fellow nurse and physically assaulting two other UN employees.

Another unlicensed UN nurse, had never obtained a proper medical license from her country of origin, Nigeria. Internal UN documents disclose that she received millions of dollars of payments from the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to fund her NGO, the Sudan Army Wives’ Club, which was actually used for her own personal finances. ECOSOC is supposed to distribute financial and material aid to third world countries to help impoverished citizens, not the wealthy elite.

Apparently, this unlicensed UN nurse attended medical summits in Nigeria that were partly funded by Planned Parenthood, even though abortion laws in that country are very restrictive. She traveled using first-class accommodations and billing her expenses to the UN. One budget report submitted by her reveals that she may have requested the UN to pay more than $100,000 for a one-night hotel stay in Lagos, Nigeria on November 27, 2007.

A simple public records check reveals that unlicensed UN nurse currently resides in a multi-million dollar town home on 34th Ave in New York City. Supposedly, two days after a news website posted an expose on her alleged misdeeds, her husband, a very high ranking UN official with the UN peacekeeping forces, was asked to resign and officially retire within three months.

Yet, the UN MSD continues to operate the medical clinic as if the scandals had caused no damage to its reputation. The above mentioned head nurse is still the boss of the nurses, while not facing any disciplinary actions. The other above mentioned two unlicensed UN nurses appear at the clinic on a daily basis.

UN MSD Director appears to fail to properly supervise his subordinates, while some high level UN officials are beginning to question his integrity and management skills. If these shocking allegations can be proven true, then why is the UN MSD Director permitted to work there?

The future of the UN MSD remains in doubt, since we have obtained many official pages of internal UN documents that will reveal more damaging evidence of the UN MSD in future posts. We also have documents that expose nefarious deeds occurring at other agencies working inside the United Nations as well.

Tom McGregor

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  1. First of all I think UN is an Diplomatic Organization could buy what they like from any Country bringing inside US through the Diplomatic Luggage (that’s Organization’s affair organizing themselves as they like for the interest of the Staff, everything is properly documented, registered, and they have their own Audit controlling offices which time to time play their roles).

    Then about saying so called Physicians: these of so called Physicians are well trained qualified and could be with valuable experience without having the USA Medical License and that is due to business-making on the Medical Licensing, as there it’s programmed to block the Foreign Physicians to practice inside the USA.

    I would like to remind here that in 70s when US was needing physicians, it was taking Foreign Physicians after passing only Exam “giving the License” and with very low fee or it was without fee “while today there are 3 steps and Medical System Programmers are asking to pay a big-sum for every Steps’ exam, why making it so difficult today? The reality is that it’s well known that the USA needs more Physicians, but due to business-making is not permitted to have those more needed Physicians: there should be changes, and then also Insurances will be cheaper, but the Medical System is controlling protecting their interests and that is why not permitting for the change in order to get more physicians in the Country).

    Make it easy payments and examine as you like choosing the best doctors of the World without calling so called physicians!

  2. Don’t blindly! We must believe our self.

  3. I have been working with the United Nations over ten years and have been insured with Van Breda. My family members and I hardly ever make claims (maybe once a year for very limited treatments and spectacles) all of which are properly documented. Yet more often than not items are not cleared for reimbursement though they fully meet criteria and additional information is required – just now I was asked to provide for each of a couple of receipts for treatment of my daughter of about USD5 (five!) for each ‘detailed bills indicating exact treatment given, the dates for the treatment and the price paid for each treatment” and ‘pharmaceutical leaflets’ for medicines of similar amounts. Clearly, these are tactics to discourage those insured pursuing their rightful claims, backed by the lack of choice international UN staff outside the US have with regard to an insurance company – Van Breda being the mandatory provider. Also, they only cover 80% of treatment cost. Another amazing feature of the high cost van Breda insurance is that it does not cover any treatment above US100,000 – so if really high cost medical insurance is required, Van Breda won’t cover it…

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