1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, New Improvement of The Popular Series


1999 jeep grand cherokee can be said as the decision that Jeep made to restore one of their popular series, the Grand Cherokee.

Grand Cherokee is one of the series that become the important point in creating the image of sporty and strong vehicle from Jeep in the market.

This car got lot of change and we can say Jeep has successfully made the Grand Cherokee reborn into much better version.

The Design and Appearance

1999 jeep grand cherokee new

This new car will be 3 inches longer than the old model. However, with similar wheelbase, we can’t expect that there will be new addition on the size of the interior or seat. However, it seems that Jeep try to make its ground clearance higher than before.

Maybe this is suitable with the previous model type, which is the all terrain type, so you can expect that you can use it on any road. And, that’s not all. The platform and frame type and design can be said pretty much the same with the old one.

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Even though their competitor uses the more sporty type suspension and platform, Jeep seems to keep it the same. There is actually a reason for this decision. By keeping the design, this Grand Cherokee will have lighter weight.

More than that, its body is also more rigid, which give it more stability when you drive it on any terrain. More than that, the lighter weight also gives its engine easier way to boost its speed and performance.

If you compare it with the old Grand Cherokee, this car will have around 50 pounds lighter weight than that. This will give it much easier to control and better maneuverability.

The Interior

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior

There is little bit disappointing part on the space arrangement inside this car. First, space for your leg on the rear seat isn’t as wide as before.

Therefore, you may have uncomfortable feeling, when you ride it for long journey that takes hours. The cargo area is much larger.

However, it seems that Jeep makes the rear door base much higher than previous model, which means you need to lift your stuff higher when you want to put it inside. It doesn’t affect too much, but it’s indeed more energy wasting than before.

Even though the interior space arrangement can be said as the flaw of this car, the other interior feature isn’t quite disappointing. You will find the control panel that easy to reach on the dashboard.

On that control panel, you can find all kinds of control for any features inside the car. For example, if you want to turn on radio, using climate control and many more, you can just use this control panel.

More than that, the control panel has been improved and modified optimally. Jeep uses the latest technology for this part, so, you can expect some smooth and good experience using it. Some of improvement that you can find is the usage of turn signal and wiper combination stalk.

The seat itself is also different. Jeep creates the seat much higher than previous model. This will give you easy position to reach the control panel. Then, the front seat is also equipped with padded longitudinal ribs.

More than that, the design of the padding on this seat is similar to the sofa that you may have at your home. Therefore, we can say that, if it’s about comfortable aspect, the Jeep has successfully improved it a lot, although it’s only for the front seat. The back seat has lot of problem.

Therefore, although this car can be categorized as the more than two seat car, the passenger area isn’t as comfortable as the front seat. Therefore, this car is really suitable for driving alone or for two people drive.

Engine and Performance

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine

The previous 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee use 4.0 liter inline 6 engines. However, Jeep modifies it and makes it more perfect than before. They change it and increase its capacity. Now, this new car has 4.7 liter V8 engine inside, although it’s optional.

However, with this car engine, this new Grand Cherokee can produce 235 horsepower. It’s much higher than the previous, which can only produce around 195 horsepower. However, this engine doesn’t have torque level as higher as before.

This make the acceleration for this new Grand Cherokee is much lower than before. Even though the torque level is lowered by Jeep and making its acceleration is lowered down as well, the stability is much better. Now, you can feel much smoother driving with this specification.

For driving system, Jeep seems want to keep the trademark of the driving system of Grand Cherokee. Previous model use the rear-wheel drive system. However, Jeep tries to make it back into the Grand Cherokee trademark, which is the four-wheel drive system on this new car.

However, this four-wheel driving system is different. Jeep use the Selec-Trac system that driver can use to choose the type of four-wheel driving system they want. This system allows you to choose the full-time mode, where the front and rear axles turn at different speed.

The other mode is part-time mode, where you can get maximum traction power that you can use on harsh condition.
However, even though Jeep has made lot of improvement on this new car’s specification and performance, there is some flaw that came up. It’s the gas mileage.

This aspect doesn’t improve a lot. We can even say that this car has poor gas mileage. So, you might need to be prepared for more budgets to buy the fuel for this car.

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Price

1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee price

The price for this new Grand Cherokee is around $33,890. This is the base price for one unit of this car. However, there is also other type of this new car that you can get with $35,755.

And, if we look at the price and compare it with all changes that Jeep made, we can say it’s quite reasonable and match. Even though there are some flaw on this car, but still, this is great offer for a unit of 1999 jeep grand cherokee.

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