2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Reviews, Specs, Parts and Price


2004 Honda Civic Hybrid – Honda’s extremely sensible Civic rolls right into 2004 with a subtly yet considerably new look. Bumpers, hood, headlights and grille are all new on the coupe and the car, emphasizing a baby-brother similarity to the glossy as well as smooth Accord. The sporty Si hatchback obtains brand-new headlamps and also taillamps that upgrade its smooth look.

Honda Civic is an icon. Honda sells greater than 325,000 Civics a year in the U.S., making it one of The U.S.A.’s very successful compacts. Civics are remarkable for their exceptional fuel economy as well as flashy handling. Front-seat comfort is superb by any procedure.

The 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid line is made up of a family of varied versions. Coupes and sedans are offered. Up-level Civics included effective VTEC engines that offer brisk velocity. The Si hatchback is the front runner performance design.

2004 Honda Civic Hybrid

All Civics are fuel-efficient and also environmentally friendly, yet a couple of models take these advantages to the extreme. The Civic HX coupe obtains 44 mpg on normal unleaded.

Much more extreme is the Civic Crossbreed, which stands up to 51 mpg on routine unleaded. The Hybrid’s gas engine is assisted by an electric motor. Unlike an electric automobile, the Crossbreed never ever has to be plugged in.

Possessing as well as owning a Civic Crossbreed is just like life with a routine Civic. Well, practically. There’s likewise a Civic GX sedan that sheds natural gas; Honda declares it’s the cleanest interior burning engine worldwide.


2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Lineup

2004 Honda Civic Hybrid can be found in 3 body designs: four-door car, two-door coupe, as well as the Si three-door hatchback. Cars as well as coupes are available in DX, LX, and Ex Lover trim. A five-speed handbook transmission is common on all versions. A four-speed transmission ($ 800) is optional on the LX and Ex Lover designs.

Civic DX and LX are powered by a 1.7-liter four-cylinder engine rated 115 horse power. The DX has wind-up home windows as well as manual locks; it lacks cooling and also comes only as a four-door car.

A new Worth Bundle (VP) for the DX adds a/c, CD player, power locks, as well as center console. LX includes cooling, 15-inch (instead of 14-inch) steel wheels, anti-sway bars front and rear, power-operated controls, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, remote keyless entry, a CD gamer, and various other luxury functions.

2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Lineup

Civic EX-SPOUSE versions get more power from a 127-horsepower VTEC variation of the 1.7-liter engine. Ex Lover also obtains 15-inch aluminum wheels, body-colored power mirrors, updated sound with six speakers, and also a tilt-and-slide glass sunroof.

Civic Si is just offered as a hatchback and the hatchback is only readily available as an Si. Civic Si comes with a high-output 2.0-liter engine with i-VTEC (for variable shutoff timing with knowledge) rated 160 horsepower. Si features a five-speed handbook and also is not available with an automatic.

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Prices range from $13,010 for a DX car to $15,160 for an LX sports car to $17,260 for an Ex Lover sedan to $19,000 for the Si.

Specialized Civics are readily available as well. The HX sports car ($ 13,710) includes very fuel-efficient lean-burn engine that stands up to 44 mpg as well as accomplishes an outstanding 117 horsepower. Civic HX comes criterion with a five-speed handbook transmission, yet a continually variable transmission, or CVT, is optional ($ 1,000).

The Civic Crossbreed represents the supreme in ecological responsibility, making use of a little gas engine and a large electrical motor to accomplish as much as 51 mpg. The Hybrid ($ 19,650) is equipped equally to the EX sedan with a five-speed guidebook transmission. It’s additionally offered with a CVT automated ($ 20,650).

The Civic GX sedan comes with natural gas-powered engine, which the government prices as a SULEV, or super ultra low-emissions vehicle. It produces 100 horse power.

Alternatives are restricted. Side-impact air bags ($ 250) are optional on all models and requirement on the Hybrid. Anti-lock brakes (ABDOMINAL MUSCLE) are typical on EX, Si, as well as Crossbreed, optional on GX, and also unavailable on various other versions.


2004 honda civic hybrid tyre

The 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid car and coupe obtain refined designing modifications for 2004 that provide a bolder appearance. In advance, the bumper, grille, engine hood, and headlights are all brand-new.

Many right away obvious is the new grille: The horizontal bar is gone, leaving simply a blacked-out opening, framed by a personality line that moves efficiently right into the new hood. The opening under the grille has actually been re-shaped into a shark-like smile and also currently incorporates 2 downward-slashing struts.

The fronts lights are still triangular, but stretch out a lot more diagonally as they move around the cars and truck’s front corners. These adjustments are little, really, but discreetly symptomatic of the overall re-style received in 2015 by huge sibling Accord. The Civic’s rear bumper is improved too, a little crisper now compared to previously.

2004 honda civic hybrid parts

The same is the Civic’s wedge-shaped profile, with a high, blunt tail and reduced, shortened prow. The hood sits astonishingly reduced. Relatively flat flanks are disturbed just by a solitary fold that dashes from the front wheel available to the taillight; there are no body-side moldings. Windscreen pillars arch into the rolled roof to meet the slim C-pillars. Strong tail lamps dominate the blunt back panel. On the whole, both the car and also the sports car stay conservative in look, but contemporary in style.

While they resemble they’re from the exact same family members, the car as well as coupe differ in look. In fact, more than three-fourths of their body panels are not compatible. The sports car features an extra hostile windscreen rake for a sportier appearance, and also its tail lamps brighten in a signature pattern. The sedan and also coupe do share the same wheelbase and also internal structure.

The look of the Civic Crossbreed car is also discreetly different, with a deeper spoiler under the front bumper, a tiny looter on the lip of the trunk cover, as well as special, light-weight aluminum-alloy wheels.

The styling of the 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Si hatchback seems to polarize individuals. Some think it’s hideous; others like it and also fast to protect it. It’s edgy and also wedgy. The huge, flat windscreen is considerably raked. The nose inclines significantly downward, offering the automobile excellent the rules of aerodynamics and also vehicle driver visibility.

2004 honda civic hybrid engine

Its one-of-a-kind mesh grille is framed by significant triangular headlamps which, like those of the sports car and sedan, have been upgraded for 2004. New taillights provide a custom-made look, with oblong amber turn-signal lenses behind a contoured clear cover. The Si is slab-sided, without any sculpture in the sheet steel.

In the past, critics have actually suggested the wheels and tires do not look big enough for the bodywork, however Honda has dealt with that for 2004 with new as well as better-proportioned 16-inch alloy wheels, and also a new sill molding that suggests a slimmer account. The Si features a subtle roof covering looter and also a dual tipped exhaust, and comes standard with a moonroof.

Honda is known for its space-efficient layout, and also the Civic loads its engine into a condensed engine bay, leaving more space for the interior. The door handles are the lever kind, which we find harder to run compared to the kind you stick your hands through.

2004 Honda Civic Hybrid Interior

2004 honda civic hybrid handling

The Honda Civic is ergonomically excellent, making this a very easy auto to operate. From the driver’s seat, the Civic is a comfortable vehicle. From the back seat, it is less so. As in most Hondas, the passenger compartment feels airy as well as open.

Front-seat holiday accommodations in the Civic are fantastic. The sedan’s front seats provide outstanding support, thanks to a stiff framework with aggressive side boosts. High seat pillows make entry and also leave simple. Seat textiles for the sedan were updated for the 2003 version year, and also the top quality of the new materials and also trim is excellent. Presence when driving or car parking is outstanding as the driver is surrounded by glass as well as looks into an extremely low hood line.

2004 honda civic hybrid interior reviews

The interior of the Crossbreed is a little bit more opulent than also that of the EX sedan, with automatic environment control and also a sophisticated two-tone finish.

Civic sports cars have front seatbacks that extend broad and also deep with headrests that are open at the facility like a doughnut. Front seatbelts affix to a side support bar that slides out of the way when someone climbs right into the rear seats.

The Si hatchback’s pole positions are superb, comfy for long drives, as well as supportive for hard driving. They look and feel high end. Alcantara-like trim includes richness sideways strengthens while red sewing accents the flashy material in the center. The sitting position in the Si is a bit strange with its big dash and also greatly raked windshield, reminding us of the Beetle.

2004 honda civic hybrid interior

Rear-seat accommodations in all of the Civic versions are not the most effective. They are neither roomy neither comfy by course standards. The back bench is reduced as well as tough and does not support the thighs well. The Toyota Corolla is much better on this rating than the Civic car.

That stated, the Civic’s level flooring allows rear-seat passengers spread their feet out, as there’s no center passage to get in the way. Additionally, the outboard rear-seat head restraints are flexible. But three in back is a crowd.

Getting involved in the rears of the two-door coupe isn’t easy. The coupe’s front seats comply for back entrance by sliding ahead when the seatback tilts ahead; a memory feature then returns the seat to its original setting.

The seat’s onward movement produces the biggest possible site for rear-seat entry offered the design, yet it’s still not an easy matter to fold your body into the back seat of this (or any) coupe, much less haul yourself out. Profits: The Civic is happiest with 2 people, however can carry added travelers when hired.

2004 honda civic hybrid stir

In all Civics, the cockpit looks tidy and also reliable, with the cockpit console put below a barrel-shaped cowl. A stylish, four-spoke wheel offers a comfortable hold.

Round analog instruments include an extra-large speedometer and also tachometer in the center, flanked by smaller sized gas and also coolant gauges. In the sedan, the gauge graphics are the typical white-on-black. In the sports car, the determines show silver highlights as well as radiance with brownish-yellow light at night.

The Hybrid’s instruments are blue-lit and also include an electronic fuel gas mileage display and various other indications that check the automatic performance of its complementary electrical motor. The Si features black numbers on white evaluates, for a flashy look; while a brilliant red Si badge adds color.

HVAC controls are splendidly designed, with large rotary dials for home heating, air flow, as well as fan speed stacked just to the left of the audio system controls. Different switches for a/c, recirculation, and also rear-window defrost are organized just listed below the stereo.

It’s a tidy design that’s really easy to operate. Audio controls are nearby, but the system deals with small buttons and also handles. Audio quality has been just mediocre in the past, however has actually been enhanced for 2004 many thanks to redesigned audio speakers.

The Si sports a shifter that sprouts at an angle from the top console, as in a mid-1960s Alfa Romeo or several of the most up to date rally cars. Though it looks strange at fir.

2004 honda civic hybrid interior seat
2004 honda civic hybrid interior seat3
2004 honda civic hybrid interior3

Driving Impression

2004 honda civic hybrid handling

2004 Honda Civic Hybrid provide great handling, which statement puts on all designs. Ride quality, sound, vibration and also violence have not the very best in the class, however. To address this, Honda included a lot more sound-dampening insulation to the doors to the 2004 versions of both the coupe and sedan.

If you haven’t driven a Civic considering that the end of the last century, you’ll locate that the existing designs feel much more significant, extra high end than the pre-2001 models. Though not the quietest automobiles in their course, the Civics are not as noisy as a Ford Focus. When owning at highway speed, riders may converse in a typical voice without distractions from mechanical noise or wind noise.

All Civics are fun to drive, the Ex Lover as well as Si designs are more so many thanks to their brisk acceleration. All are environmentally friendly. The government has actually licensed Civic DX, LX, and EX-SPOUSE models as ultra low emissions lorries, or ULEVs.

Civic DX as well as LX designs provide exceptional gas economic climate with an EPA-estimated 32/38 mpg City/Highway. Nonetheless, DX and also LX models supply lukewarm velocity performance. The common 1.7-liter engine produces simply 115 horsepower.

This is most noticable with the automatic transmission, where more time and also area are should pass one more automobile, and also city fuel gas mileage goes down to 29 mpg. In other words, DX as well as LX designs go to their ideal with a hand-operated transmission as well as in the hands of a motorist that can wring power as well as performance from the engine.

The EX-SPOUSE models deliver livelier velocity since they are equipped with the a lot more effective VTEC engine. Driving a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid EX car with the five-speed manual transmission is a flashy, satisfying experience.

Throttle action readies at any speed since the engine prolongs its torque throughout a wide power band. The manual transmission is smooth and also exact, with notched quit factors between gears. The four-speed automated also works well, shifting silently as well as efficiently.

A lot of enjoyable to drive is the Civic Si. Around town, the Si is tractable and positive, drawing strongly from a relatively large range of rpm. Honda’s newest i-VTEC engine is tuned for torque. You could short-shift through the equipments: snick, waahh, snick, whaah, snick, whaah. Downshifting brief is enjoyable, too.

Hardly press in the clutch pedal, and also casually flick the lever right into the next-lower cog. The Civic Si’s transmission ratios seem completely matched to the engine. The proportions are close together, allowing the driver to keep the engine in the power band.

Out on the freeway, the Civic Si engine is really responsive, offering it excellent performance for passing. It accelerates from legal freeway speeds to super-legal speeds relatively quickly. Anyone who remembers the 2.2-liter Overture VTEC engine may be let down when they depend on it, nevertheless, since the Si does not deliver the very same thrill of power neither does it make interesting racecar audios.

But the Si could increase from 0-60 miles per hour in regarding 8 seconds, which is just a tick slower than the Ford Focus SVT. If you desire far better efficiency from a Civic, you’ll have to modify it or wait for Honda to ship us an R model.

Cost also quickly right into an edge and also the Civic Si will understeer. (The front tires will lose grip prior to the rear tires.) The front and also back stabilizer bars and firmer dampers as well as springs are made for sharper handling, yet the Si’s trip quality is rather pleasurable.

At 80-90 mph, the Si feels very steady. Transient reaction (left, right, left) was a little squishy in the 2003 version; the larger tires that come basic on 2004 designs may help address this.

The Civic Hybrid is among the very best cars offered for drivers thinking about fantastic gas economic situation as well as low exhausts. The Epa ranks the Civic Hybrid at 46/51 mpg on its City/Highway test. But the most amazing thing about this automobile is the average owning experience.

That’s our highest enhance. If you like driving the normal Honda Civic EX sedan you’ll like driving the Civic Crossbreed. The Hy.


2004 honda civic hybrid lugage

You can not go wrong getting a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid, despite trim level. All are reputable, practical, and fuel efficient. Civics are enjoyable to drive and all versions offer excellent handling. EX designs bring a receptive engine to the event and the Si hatchback is a hoot.

Every one of them showcase Honda’s resilience and also integrity. Civics are offered with anti-lock brakes and side-impact airbags. All models provide high fuel economy figures, as well as receive ULEV (ultra reduced exhausts) standing.

The Civic Hybrid does not make a great deal of feeling, based purely on business economics. It has less power than the regular Civic, a somewhat smaller sized trunk and also it costs about $2,500 even more.

Its only real advantage is gas economy, yet compared with the currently fuel-stingy standard Civic, it might conserve you only around $100 a year. On the other hand, motorists who want to assist progress a brand-new modern technology that could enhance the atmosphere over time must consider the Civic Hybrid.

It is a good, practically glamorous small automobile that has a various feeling to it without surrendering any kind of creature comforts. It’s an automobile for individuals who do not want to comply with the crowd as well as, rather, like to lead it.

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