2006 Honda Civic Si Review, Spesifications, Detail and Price


2006 Honda Civic Si – It’s tough to discover a much more affordable new cars and truck market than the portable course. As well as it’s greater than simply cost, as the variety of access has escalated in recent years.

Honda when led the course, in every measure that mattered, from performance to cost to quality to style. And also equally as important image-wise, Honda led the hot, sport small niche. Actually, several credit report Honda with unknowingly producing the sport compact fad with the Civic CRX.

In recent years, nevertheless, the four-door Civic, the car that carried the water for the company, has been even more dull compared to attractive, extra effective than amazing.

No more. With the redesigned, restyled, renewed 2006 Honda Civic Si versions, the business has returned to the battle royal with renewed energy.

Throughout the line, there’s more power, improved trip and handling, and far better individuals product packaging. There are extra selections too: a stylish new Civic Si sports car, a completely booming tier of sports cars and also sedans with new engines and transmissions, and a more effective as well as efficient Hybrid car.

2006 honda civic si picture

The court’s still out on some of the extra enthusiastic styling endeavors, yet on the whole, the brand-new swoopy look turns heads and generates smiles.

Costs begin at $14,560 MSRP for the base coupe with a 140-horsepower four-cylinder engine and five-speed handbook transmission and top out at $22,150 for the gas/electric Hybrid car. Between there’s a car listing at $15,560 with the brand-new five-speed automated.

The Si begins at $20,290. There are other vehicles in the class that damaged these figures, however the Civic includes vital security features, consisting of antilock brakes as well as side-impact airbags as common tools, that many others leave on the option checklist.


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Honda doesn’t keep back when it pertains to fleshing out a model line. For 2006 Honda Civic Si, there are no fewer than 4 Civic models, 2 sports cars and also two cars. 3 of the coupes and 3 of the sedans, the DX, the LX and also the EX versions, share a 140-horsepower, 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder with a typical five-speed guidebook transmission and also an optional five-speed automatic ($ 800).

A performance-oriented sports car, the Si, comes with a 197-horsepower, 2.0-liter inline-4 fitted with a six-speed handbook. The Crossbreed car has a 1.3-liter four-cylinder combined with a permanent magnet electric motor and a constantly variable transmission.

2006 honda civic si walpaper

The DX sports car ($ 14,560) and DX sedan ($ 14,760) are the base versions. Standard tools is restricted to power windows, tilt-and-telescope steering wheel and height-adjustable motorist’s seat. Customers wanting a radio has to supply their own or order from the supplier, but a rear window-integrated radio antenna is common.

The LX sports car ($ 16,510) and also car ($ 16,710) expands the conventional devices checklist to consist of cooling; power mirrors; main locking; cruise control with guiding wheel-mounted controls; a center console with sliding armrest; overhanging map lights; a 160-watt, four-speaker, AM/FM/CD stereo with MP3 and WMA playback and also speed-sensitive auto-volume control; front passenger seatback-mounted publication pocket; and floor mats.

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The Ex Lover is the nominal first-rate in both sports car ($ 18,460) as well as car ($ 18,460). Added to the no-extra-charge functions on the LX are power moonroof; variable windshield wipers; a 2nd 12-volt power outlet; a 60/40 split folding rear seatback; a seven-speaker, 350-watt, XM-ready, costs stereo with supporting input jack and guiding wheel-mounted controls; as well as outside temperature level sign.

There are couple of choices offered and 2006 Honda Civic Si places its choices packages as well as transmissions as different versions, so as an example, there is the Civic coupe EX-SPOUSE with Navigating and automatic transmission ($ 21,010) as well as the similarly outfitted car variation ($ 20,760).

The Si coupe ($ 20,290) includes all the equipment found on the LX coupe plus leather-wrapped steering wheel as well as shift handle, amber-tinted headlight trim rings and also a body-colored rear wing spoiler. The Si coupe is offered with high-performance summer season tires and the navigation system with XM Satellite Radio ($ 22,240).

The Crossbreed car ($ 22,150) adds to the LX’s attributes automated environment control, a roof-mounted radio antenna, a back decklid spoiler, and hybrid-pertinent digital data display screens. The Crossbreed is offered with the navigation system ($ 23,650).

Dealership accessories include 16-inch alloy wheels ($ 876), chrome exhaust pointers ($ 119), and also aero-style, outside body attachments for the sedan. Honda Factory Efficiency bundles are readily available for the Si, one for the LX as well as EX sports cars and also cars.

The Si HFP plan consists of decreased springs, even more tautly tuned shocks, a sporting activities muffler, 18-inch alloy wheels, a full lower-body aero package and also the HFP symbol ($ 3880). The LX and also Ex Lover HFP plan for the sports car ($ 3183) and sedan ($ 3680) substitutes 17-inch alloy wheels, drops the muffler and adds a back spoiler. Setup prices added as well as is set by dealers.


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Honda re-did whatever for 2006. Not only are powertrains updated and upgraded, and a new platform created, yet the sheetmetal is brand-new. Not a solitary body panel is carried over from 2005.

The cars as well as coupes don’t share any type of body panels. And also trim components as well as markings distinguish each model.

The platform beneath is new for 2006, seriously strengthened in rigidness, rigidity as well as collision absorption capacities, with small changes to accommodate the varying measurements of the coupe and car body styles.

As part of its project to renew the Civic’s attract the sporting activity compact market, Honda has actually integrated reinforced installing points and gussets to enable suspension as well as particular various other adjustments without diminishing body stability.

2006 honda civic si tyre

From the front, styling differences are refined, however marked. A brightened, straight bar dominates the car grille. Slender headlamp settings up angle up as they contour around the fenders. A solitary, broad air intake fills the lower part of the fascia.

The coupe grille shows up a lot more open, with the Honda logo design put on hold on a matte-black structure. An understated badge hid in the much right reaches of the grille recognizes the flashy Si variation.

The coupe fronts lights are much more sharply detailed. The lower air consumption opens up between two, geometric recesses that feed cooling air to the front disc brakes and also house the optional haze lights.

The front ends, but specifically the coupes’, press the leading corners down and also outside, stressing the 2006’s broader track (the distance side to side between the tires), which expands by greater than an inch in front and also by greater than 2 inches in back over the 2005’s.

2006 honda civic si wallpaper

Conserve for a lower body character line, drawn slightly higher on the sports car compared to on the sedan, the sides of the brand-new Civic are much more slab compared to sensuous. Understated fender sores, much more obvious on the sports car, break up the otherwise featureless area.

What exhilaration there remains in the profile remains in the sleekness of exactly what Honda calls a monoform style. A main expression of this is the windshield, the leading edge which reaches into the hood right to the center of the front wheel wells, pushing the style idea of ‘taxicab ahead’ to a brand-new extreme.

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On the sports car, the windshield is raked at an extreme 21.9 levels, significantly steeper than the ’05’s 26.7 levels, even exceeding the Acura NSX’s 23.9 degrees. As well as the sedan’s matches the NSX’s, dropping from the ’05’s 29.1 degrees. The sail (the body panel aft of the back side home window) is one-of-a-kind to every model too.

The coupe’s types a severe angle highlighting the two-door body style, while the sedan’s contours down over the back door’s routing side, pulling the eye via the higher roofline. The coupe’s be-spoilered, rounded rear profile suggests speed. The car’s rather shortened trunk cover and cut off tail end adds regarded mass to the snugly proportioned, small car.

Similarly, the back sight of each body style varies significantly. The coupe’s sloping trunk lid settles into a deep cut in the back bumper, with the certificate plate protected in an equally deep recess. The sedan’s trunk lid drops in a nearly vertical, undiminished sheer from a fairly high crest across the top, all really BMW-like in existence.

2006 Honda Civic Si Interior

2006 honda civic si interior

If the 2006 Honda Civic Si outside is brand-new, the ’06’s interior verge on surprising. First impression of the instrument plan is of a computer game. Controls are generally where they should be, but not always as they must be. There’s little balance in organization or form of features and also user interfaces.

It’s not an unpleasant appearance, but one that calls for some acclimation. Ironically, possibly, the insides are tantamount throughout the complete line, with only small distinctions necessitated by the different powertrains.

Splayed across the top of the seemingly unending dashboard before the motorist is a hooded opening with a digital speedometer in between LCD coolant temperature as well as fuel level gauges.

2006 Honda Civic Si Interior

Down below, in the more usual area for the instrument panel, in the half circle created by the top half of the steering wheel, that is, there’s a large, round, analog tachometer. To each side of this reduced IP are huge, uneven vent signs up.

Focused in the dash over the environment control panel is either an LCD window incorporating the navigation display screen as well as audio settings and also, in the Crossbreed, a choice of visuals representations of the hybrid system’s features as well as standing or a stereo control head with the pertinent accoutrements.

To the right of this crushed pod-like setup, the dash contours far from the pole position traveler and also residences two, much more flat oriented duct registers, once more neither of which matches the various other. A broad, yet not especially deep glove box relaxes below a cabin-wide, clam shell-like notch splitting the upper and also lower fifty percents of the dashboard.

2006 Honda Civic Si entertaint

There is no center stack to mention looping the dashboard as well as the drive passage. Below the environment control panel is a shallow storage space container with a power point and an audio input jack on the left side. Forward of the metallic-trimmed block of plastic functioning as a base for the hand brake and also change bars is a good-sized, rectangular storage container.

Another, superficial cubby is tucked in between the shift bar real estate and also a pair of seat bottom-level mug holders under a sliding cover. Aft of this is a shortened, cushioned armrest covering one more storage bin, inside of which is a second power point.

Each door has a tough plastic map pocket. A magazine bag is on the rear of the front passenger seatback. Architecturally active interior door panels can be friendlier to fingers in terms of holds as well as pulls, but armrests give excellent assistance at the ideal degree.

2006 honda civic si interior driving

The trunk is totally completed, although Honda blew a best opportunity to make factors with owners in slushy snowbelt states by neglecting to mold and mildew a within pull-down into the lining under the trunk cover. A thoughtful touch is an extra tire well large sufficient to hold the full-size tire the compact spare will certainly replace briefly in the event of a level.

The 2006 Honda Civic Si brother or sisters are quickly affordable with various other automobiles in their classes when it concerns interior room.

2006 honda civic si interior driving

Unusually, nonetheless, despite including more than 3 inches to the sedan’s wheelbase (the distance between the front as well as rear tires) and also more than in inch in general size vis-a-vis the 2005, front seat leg area is the same and also rear seat leg space is in fact less, by more than in inch, in the 2006. Hip area does increase in the ’06, nevertheless, by almost half an inch in front and also by more than in inch in the rear.

Nearly huge rear doors give simple rear seat access. Freight room, once again strangely, come by virtually a cubic foot and tracks the course leaders by a pair cubic feet; the Hybrid surrenders one more 1.6 cubic feet to battery and also such.

2006 honda civic si interior wallpaper

The sports cars’ wheelbase expands by greater than an inch over the 2005, from 103.1 inches to 104.3, and also loses concerning half an inch in overall size, to 174.8 from 175.4 inches, with much the same outcome for residents. As in, there has to do with the very same front seat leg room and also less back seat leg area, by virtually three inches, however a lot more hip area by around 3 inches front and back.

Driving Impression

2006 honda civic si diesel

As great a work as Honda has carried out in designing 4 unique versions of the brand-new, 2006 Honda Civic Si, it’s done an even much better task of supplying 4, unique driving experiences. Cautious tweaking of the electronics handling the 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine’s variable valve timing (as well as expanding variation by a small 0.1 liter, from the 2005’s 1.7 liters) inflated the horsepower from 127 to 140 and torque from 114 pound-feet to 128.

Inning accordance with EPA estimates, the car’s gas economy with the a lot more preferred transmission has shed one mile each gallon in city driving from the 2005 version but has actually gotten 2 mpg in highway driving.

More aggressive overclocking of the chips managing the Si’s 2.0-liter 4 (as well as feeding its components some growth hormonal agent; redline leaps from 6800 revolutions each min to 8000 rpm) increased horse power to 197 from 160 and torque to 139 pound-feet from 132. The Si’s buyer will pay a price at the pump, as city gas economy plummets 4 mpg, to 22 mpg, although freeway continues to be unmodified at 31.

Comparable massaging of the Crossbreed’s engine/motor combination added 17 horse power and also 18 pound-feet of torque to that design’s specification sheet.

While the Hybrid’s gas economy approximates continue to be controversial (remember, your mileage could differ), the EPA secures them at 50/50 city/highway, versus the 2005’s 47/48. Worth noting in passing is that in every situation except the Hybrid, the Civic bests the competition in EPA gas economic climate approximates; the Toyota Prius earns an estimated 60/51 city/highway score.

2006 honda civic si driving

All this included go-power would be overkill were the auto( s) it nurtures not similarly upgraded, and Honda fulfilled this challenge with the exact same commitment.

The chassis’ added crashworthiness likewise adds stiffness, giving the cars and truck a much more solid as well as extra grown feel. Revamped front and also rear suspensions combined with larger wheels and also tires improve directional stability and sharpen guiding. The longer wheelbase smoothes the trip.

The LX sedan is the most comfortable as well as positive Civic we have actually owned, and a revitalizing renovation over the 2005, which had lost some heavy steam and also pleasure in Honda’s drive to lower intricacy and expenses. Ride was solid however comfy, with less road sound as well as wind whistle anticipated for the course.

Shifts were smooth, if not entirely transparent. Brake feeling was strong, guiding reaction certain, otherwise sports car-quick. The good news is, Honda has not dropped victim to the Sport-Shift craze, so the automatic transmission is just that, a select-it-and-leave-it transmission.

civic 2006

We do want, however, that Honda would certainly place a tab below the ‘D’ setting in eviction, as we consistently passed that one right by when shifting out of Park or Opposite and wound up in the ‘D 3′ notch. And in spite of the seeming reasoning behind the moving of the digital speedometer, we confess we never ever rather gotten used to that odd covering on top of the dashboard.

The significant distinction noted between the sedan and also the Crossbreed remained in the transmission, as the shiftless CVT left engine rate roving around the tachometer as the electronic mind kept the rpms at their most effective given road rate and load. Surprisingly, weight was a non-issue, with the Crossbreed tipping the scale at a simple 74 pounds over the gas engine-powered car.

Differences in between the coupes were one of the most dramatic. The Si’s 6-speed handbook was a pleasure of accuracy, with brief tosses and also specific interaction. Less enjoyable was the various other sports cars’ 5-speed manual, which really felt a bit rubbery and required mindful objective. Handling, as well, was a distinct factor, although not always as if expected.

The Si’s much more effective engine also returned extra front wheel-drive syndrome, where difficult acceleration delights the steering wheel requiring more chauffeur effort, compared to the base-engined sports car. This was a little cost to pay, nevertheless, for the enjoyable time we had playing with the Si. Braking below socially untrustworthy rates and feathering the throttle through.


honda civic 2006

The Honda Civic is back. Not that it ever left, but it had fallen back the contour a little bit, and not even if the competition had expanded as well as improved. With the 2006 schedule, nevertheless, the cars and truck that for several years establish the high quality as well as performance standard for the affordable, portable cars and truck market has actually returned, and also now with the design to match the requirements.


The price of the 2006 Honda Civic Si is $ 20,290.

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