2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De Full Reviews (Specs, Features, Safety)


The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De isn’t really all that rewarding to own, and Mitsubishi’s spending plan access obtained one especially negative rating on a current IIHS safety and security examination. For budget-conscious customers, then, the brilliantly tinted Mirage minicar is the perfect case of obtaining exactly what you pay for. Include $3,000 or even more as well as could you have a considerably far better little cars and truck, yet with slightly reduced gas mileage.

Yet the Mirage does have a couple of points going all out. It’s one of the most fuel-efficient vehicle marketed this year that isn’t really a hybrid or plug-in electrical car, and it’s low-cost, beginning at simply $13,000 plus distribution for the base DE version, which includes automatic climate control and also a few various other functions as standard. A lot of Mirage buyers will likely step up to the ES for an extra $1,200. That’s still sensible versus its rivals, which vary from two-seat minicars to subcompact hatchbacks.

Oh, which single Nissan Versa design that’s so stripped down that it carries a less costly base price? It’s exactly what’s known in the trade as a “unicorn” for its rarity– its sole purpose is to obtain you in the door so the supplier could sell you a nicer model.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de wallpaper

The Mirage is not just one of the two smallest five-door hatchbacks offered in the United States It’s smaller sized compared to a subcompact– yet it really straddles groups: Its dimension places it between minicars as well as subcompacts.

It’s certainly bigger than the Smart ForTwo, Successor intelligence, Fiat 500, or even a bit bigger than the five-door Chevrolet Spark. However it’s dwarfed by every other subcompact hatchbacks: the Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio5, Mazda 2, Toyota Yaris, and the biggest kid in the class, the Nissan Versa.

The Mirage name was last seen in North America as a new automobile way back in 2002. The 2015 Mirage is marketed in the U.S. and in Canada (where it takes on not just the Flicker but additionally the Nissan Micra, a five-door minicar not sold in the United States).

2015 mitsubishi mirage de wallpaper

The 2015 Mirage suffers from a soft suspension with a great deal of body roll and tire squeal, in addition to a dead spot in the center of the electrical power steering that could locate the vehicle drifting toward the edges of the lane without feedback to the motorist.

The really tiny 14-inch wheels and tires might be at least partially at fault. The flight is smooth as well as peaceful on good roads, however acceleration triggers the engine noise to climb significantly– as well as busted sidewalks and surface areas are regularly disconcerting.

The high gas economic climate comes at a price, however. With a 74-horsepower 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, the Mirage is neither rapid neither powerful. Paired with a brand-new continuously variable transmission (CVT), its efficiency far from traffic lights and also around town is fine if you work it hard.

A five-speed guidebook transmission is also used– for $1,000 much less– yet it reduces the gas mileage to 37 mpg combined. At freeway rates, though, there’s very little margin undoubtedly for velocity or passing away, regardless of which transmission you pick.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de tyre

Considering the Mirage, about the most effective you could say is that the design is inoffensive. There’s a reason for the boring, characterless front end: aerodynamics, indicating that the rounded nose smooths the little vehicle’s path via the air and uses very little gas to do it. The rest of the vehicle’s layout is common small hatchback, possibly with a hint of last-generation Nissan Versa at the back.

The materials within are low-cost, but Mitsubishi has actually crafted an uncomplicated control panel that doesn’t actually betray its hard-plastic surfaces. Furniture is straightforward black towel with a refined purple check (it’s not as bad as it seems).

The front seats are comfortable, but the seat cushions are brief; the back seat will fit 2 grownups, yet while Mitsubishi calls this a five-passenger automobile, the back seat will only fit 3 if they’re remarkably slim teenagers or children.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De  is used in just 2 trim levels: the base DE and also the far better geared up ES. Mitsubishi claims it’s targeting newbie buyers and also those on really minimal spending plans.

Close to the typical automatic climate control, all Mirages have power locks, home windows, and mirrors; a 60/40 split folding rear seat back (although it doesn’t fold flat); and also variable periodic wipers.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de lugage

The AM/FMCD stereo has a USB port, an auxiliary input jack, and also there’s a 12-volt power outlet in the console. Typical steel wheels are fitted with silver plastic wheel covers.

For $1,200 more, the ES includes alloy wheels, pushbutton start, cruise control, an elevation change for the motorist’s seat, natural leather wrappings for the guiding wheel as well as shift handle, fog lamps, Bluetooth pairing, and also audio controls on the guiding wheel.

It has even more chrome and silver trim accents too. Also a state-of-the-art Mirage will not be a lot above $15,000, as well as Mitsubishi supplies both trim degrees with either transmission.

For facts followers, the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De is also the first auto sold in the United States to be constructed in Thailand.

A committed factory there could build up to 125,000 Mirages a year for global markets. In the United States, nevertheless, Mitsubishi has small goals for the Mirage: It wishes to offer concerning 7,000 throughout 2015. The Mirage will likely do rather much better in Canada, where tiny as well as economical vehicles take a bigger share of the marketplace.

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De Styling

2015 mitsubishi mirage de front

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De makes use of anonymity as its styling theme; the boring front end and common body contours integrate to make it all but unseen on the road. Much of its layout signs have been attracted from Mitsubishi’s other vehicles, with swept-back headlamps and also a slit-like grille, but it’s lacking in individuality.

Yet what Mitsubishi’s stylists have given up in unique appearances has actually mosted likely to the solution of low wind resistance, lessening the energy called for to move the little and also low-powered automobile versus wind resistant drag.

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The firm states the 2015 Mirage’s drag coefficient is an amazing 0.28, which is not just short on an absolute range however more laudable yet for such a small lorry. If there’s any spice in the shape, it remains in information like the small canards near the bottom sides of on the front apron. Race day, anyone?

Mitsubishi claims the Mirage is shaped like a teardrop, with the five-door hatchback’s roofing and also top body narrowing slightly toward the back. We saw a tip of the last-generation Nissan Versa hatchback in the tailgate form and back lights.

Like most extremely little cars and trucks, the Mirage is high for its size, and also the little 165/65 tires on 14-inch wheels look a lot too small for the cars and truck. The front wheels are additionally set deep into the wheelwells, which worsens their little size.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior wallapper

Inside, the Mirage is uncomplicated if level. Indoor surface areas are all difficult plastic, and it’s also doing not have soft touch products where joints arrive at the door arm-rests.

The textures ready, though, so the interior really feels matched to the $13,000 price. The black fabric seat furniture is fired through with purple threads to create a tight check pattern, which comes off much better compared to it might sound.

An easy scale cluster– the dominant components are a tiny tachometer, a big speedometer, and also a gas scale– and the cars and truck provides big, fairly instinctive knobs and also buttons for the audio system as well as automatic climate control. A little console consists of 2 cupholders and a little tray for oddments.


2015 mitsubishi mirage de engine

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De is a vehicle that’s much more comfortable running around community compared to making long journey– specifically if those journeys include hillsides, lots of passing, or abrupt adjustments in instructions. It’s not hazardous, yet it’s slow-moving and also the handling is barely motivating.

The Mirage has actually been tuned for city and country usage; the CVT version increases away from quits smartly. It likewise has hill-start assist.

The hands-on gearbox, however, has a first gear high sufficient that relocating away without stalling takes a bit of technique. On the top, 5th equipment in the handbook isn’t particularly high, so the engine is handing over 3,500 rpm at just 70 miles per hour.

And also it goes to greater speeds that the Mirage’s absence of power appears most clearly. To pass a vehicle ahead needs a lengthy clear room as well as advance planning, as well as generates a great deal of engine noise for really slow-moving gains in momentum. The brakes (discs in advance, drums in the rear) have a solid feel and also work penalty for such a light car.

One feasible abnormality: A panic stop for a short while bewildered the anti-lock brakes on our pre-production cars and truck, leaving red stripes of rubber on the road. Mitsubishi designers stated they were not able to replicate the behavior.

The handling and roadholding are just appropriate. The electrical power guiding has a large numb area in the facility– larger than virtually other automobile we’ve driven recently– that could allow the cars and truck roam if the motorist doesn’t pay close attention.

Mitsubishi states it has one single set of suspension tuning for every single Mirage, despite where it’s marketed– and the company has to return and also retune it for North American driving conditions. The flight suffices on smooth sidewalk, yet unexpected maneuvers like lane adjustments create a large amount of body roll and a shaky as well as uncertain sensation until the automobile evens out once again.

The 2015 Mirage is an active metropolitan warrior, however. Its turning circle is a marginal 30.2 feet, so it can make U-turns right into garage nearby with ease.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De is not a quick or powerful auto. It features simply one engine, a 1.2-liter three-cylinder that produces 74 horsepower and also 74 lb-ft of torque.

That puts it among the least powerful vehicles sold in the U.S., in the very same classification as the Smart ForTwo (at 70 hp). Also the Scion intelligence has 94 hp; the Fiat 500 offers 101 hp, as well as if you move up the rate scale to crossbreeds, the Toyota Prius C powertrain is ranked at 99 hp and also the Honda Insight at 98 hp.

The Mirage uses two transmissions: a five-speed handbook transmission or, for $1,000 more, a new as well as very small continually variable transmission (CVT) that delivers the highest possible gas-mileage rankings.

The CVT has a larger array (7.3 to 1) between its least expensive and also greatest ratios compared to many, since its belt drive is supplemented by a small two-speed transmission that belongs to the system.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De is likewise, however, an incredibly light auto. Mitsubishi placed massive effort right into weight reduction in every element of the car, as well as the results are impressive: This five-door automobile with seats for 4 grownups has an aesthetic weight of 1,973 extra pounds in its most minimal type, increasing just to 2,051 totally packed. It’s a remarkable accomplishment; the Smart ForTwo considers 1,808 pounds, the Chevy Flicker is 2,269 lbs, the Fiat 500 comes in at 2,363 lbs, etc.

Comfort & Quality

2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior reviews

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De is tiny, inexpensive, as well as simple, however it supplies a respectable trip on good roadway surface areas and also is relatively silent.

That’s only under optimum conditions, though: Press the little Mirage harder, and also a loud wail of engine sound occurs from under the hood as well as continues to be till you allow up on the accelerator. Damaged roads bring out the most awful in the Mirage, as its little 14-inch wheels collision over ruts as well as development joints.

Most motorists– taller adults especially– will discover the lower paddings of the pole positions somewhat short, though the seats are otherwise comfortable as well as have good seat-back reinforcing. We discovered the front seats remained comfy throughout several hrs of driving. Chauffeurs could likewise locate it difficult to change the steering wheel exactly to their preference; it tilts, however does not telescope, a progressively rare omission these days.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior

In the back, however, the upholstery is slim and legroom can just be achieved with negotiations with the guests in advance. It’s at least possible to fit four grownups into a 2015 Mirage, unlike the Fiat 500 or MINI Cooper, with their 3 doors and nominal rear seats extra fit for backpacks than people. Mitsubishi calls it a five-seat automobile, yet fitting three in the rear would certainly call for all them to be children or slim teens.

The Mirage additionally supplies excellent cargo room for its section. With the rear seat up, it gives 17.2 cubic feet of freight volume; fold up the back seat forward, and that climbs to a substantial 47.0 cubic feet.

The lots floor isn’t really flat, however, and the Mirage offers nothing like the versatility of the Magic Seat in the brand new 2015 Honda Fit, though that subcompact is unquestionably bigger and a number of thousand dollars more costly. Mirage purchasers can add a package that packages a cargo tray and also a web to hold irregular items for $95.


2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior seat

The National Highway Traffic Safety and security Administration (NHTSA) has actually offered the Mirage a rating of 4 stars in general, with a five-star score for side effects.

While the Insurance coverage Institute for Freeway Safety (IIHS) provides the brand-new Mirage its leading score of Helpful for moderate-overlap front influence, side effect, roofing system strength, as well as seat/head restriction safety, the results are alarming on its new as well as tougher small-overlap front impact examination.

On that particular harder collision, the IIHS prices the Mirage as Poor– the most affordable of its four scores, as well as extremely possibly a warning flag for safety-conscious customers. By comparison, the Chevrolet Glow (likewise a five-door minicar) obtains an Appropriate rating for small-overlap front effect– much better and also just one notch below Great.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior back seat

A rearview cam is used, yet just as component of the $900 navigation system. Its tilted rectangular housing is a very apparent add-on to the left side of the tailgate, rather than being incorporated right into the back trim or certificate light as on the majority of various other vehicles.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De comes requirement with seven airbags– vehicle driver as well as guest front and also side bags, side-curtain bags over the front and also back windows, plus a knee airbag for the driver. It additionally has the usual suite of digital safety and security systems, consisting of active stability control, grip control, brake help, brake override, digital brake-force distribution, anti-lock brakes, as well as seat-belt pre-tensioning.


2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior audio

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De has automated climate control as basic, however it’s as much from extravagant as you could obtain.

New for 2015, the Mirage currently includes a tiny piece of chrome trim around the HVAC system, in addition to a reduced radio antenna on the automobile’s outside.

Like the Chevy Flicker against which it completes most directly, the Mirage is provided in both conventional shades– white, silver, grey, as well as black– however likewise a rainbow of brighter as well as even more stunning shades.

Names for these colors, including Infrared, Plasma Purple, Kiwi Environment-friendly, and also Sapphire Blue, were recommended by Mitsubishi followers on social media sites, who after that elected on the most effective names for each and every of four colors.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior images

Mitsubishi covers the Mirage for 5 years or 60,000 miles under warranty, and provides 5 years of roadside help. The powertrain, however, is covered for Ten Years or 100,000 miles.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De comes in simply two trim degrees, the base DE and also the better-equipped ES. Each is offered with either the five-speed guidebook gearbox or the constantly variable transmission.

The Mirage ES sets you back $1,200 greater than the base cars and truck. For that, you obtain alloy wheels, cruise ship control, a push button start, height-adjustable chauffeur’s seat, fog lights, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, audio controls on the steering wheel, Bluetooth pairing for smart devices, as well as a handful of silver as well as chrome trim accents.

2015 mitsubishi mirage de interior steer

The ES could be equipped with a $900 navigation bundle that also includes a backup cam and also iPod playback capability. The 7-inch touchscreen is integrated right into the facility of the dashboard, but Mitsubishi admits that it anticipates just 5 percent of Mirage buyers will opt for it.

The Chevrolet Glow system, which has actually an in a similar way sized touchscreen that makes use of a $50 smart device app called Bringgo for navigating, seems like a far more sensible method to give navigation on a car at this price level.

Starting at $12,995 (plus a $795 distribution fee, obligatory on all designs), the Mirage DE comes criterion with automated climate control; power home windows, locks, and mirrors; variable recurring wipers; and also a 60/40 split folding rear seat back. The standard stereo has AM, FM, and also a CD gamer, plus an audio input jack, a USB port, and also a 12-Volt power outlet. The steel wheels are fitted with plastic wheel covers.

Various other trim and also customization alternatives for the 2015 Mirage consist of a $695 appearance package that includes reduced body skirts for the front, sides, as well as back of the car, a $450 vehicle parking aid option with front and also rear sensing units, as well as LED indoor lights for $185.

All informed, Mitsubishi states it will certainly be really difficult to invest greater than $16,000 (plus shipment) on even the most lavishly-optioned Mirage.

Full Economic

2015 mitsubishi mirage de images

Except crossbreeds and also plug-ins, the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage De is presently one of the most fuel-efficient gas car on the marketplace. To do better on gas mileage in a cars and truck this dimension calls for stepping up to the Toyota Prius C hybrid (at 50 mpg incorporated) or the Honda Understanding at 42 mpg incorporated. (While Honda ceased the Insight for 2015, there are remaining supplies of 2014 models still at dealerships.).

Both of those cars are five-door hatchbacks too, and also both are slightly bigger compared to the Mirage– yet their base prices are $6,000 to $7,000 greater. If you’re searching for very high gas mileage in a vehicle with four useful seats, the 2015 Mirage is the affordable champ.

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage has the highest fuel-efficiency ranking for any cars and truck that’s neither a crossbreed nor a plug-in.

The variation fitted with the constantly variable transmission (CVT) is rated at 40 mpg incorporated (37 mpg city, 44 mpg freeway). Opting for the five-speed guidebook, which is $1,000 less expensive, knocks that down to 37 mpg integrated (34 mpg city, 42 mpg highway).

Those are remarkable numbers. They’re more than the two-seat Smart ForTwo, as well as the lower of the two combined numbers equates to the previous highest-rated gas automobile, the “3 +1- seat” Successor intelligence that’s just marginally longer than a Smart.

Yet the Mirage offers four entrance doors, seats for at the very least 4, and also all the freight flexibility of a tiny five-door hatchback.

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