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Things To Do In Sausalito – There are numerous fantastic things to do in Sausalito, CA. Directly, we most appreciate just hanging around. Also if you have actually been to Sausalito prior to, you have actually most likely still overlooked a few of the absolute best spots such as the 500 houseboats, the old Marinship Shipyards area, or the Bay Design.

See even more information below in addition to our Sausalito Map for precise areas. This little seaside town in SF’s backyard has astounding surroundings, shielded “banana belt” climate, and also a laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere. If you are driving do not miss out on the nearby & stunning Marin Headlands either.

Things To Do In Sausalito

1. The Sausalito Ferry

This HALF AN HOUR trip is better, much more fascinating, and also less costly compared to excursion watercraft trips. As a matter of fact it is the 2nd most exciting ferry watercraft trip on the planet (behind Star Ferryboat in Hong Kong) according to a ballot of The Culture of American Traveling Writers, the globe’s biggest organization of specialist traveling journalists & photographers

2. Bridgeway near the Ferry Landing

A lot of travelers just off the (ferry) boat linger the vicinity of Bridgeway Blvd and also Princess Street. As a result a lot of the stores within a block are tourist-oriented yet a lot more upscale than Angler’s Jetty. Take a look at the Sausalito Ferryboat Firm Gift Store, 688 Bridgeway, for economical mementos.

For something a lot more distinct as well as not insanely costly, see the midtown branch of Studio 333 at 803 Bridgeway. It is the largest local musicians Co-Op in the SF Bay area.

Repeat visitors and also residents will enjoy these casual stops within a number of blocks of the ferry boat touchdown:

  • Yee Tock Chee Park: Bridgeway & Princess Street. The first paddle wheel ferryboat watercraft to Sausalito anchored right here in 1868. This scenic little park was named after a popular very early Chinese grocer. Among the most effective sights in the SF Bay area is from the outside deck of adjacent El Piccilo Cafe; the coffee is not terrific yet the sight is magnificent.
  • Venice Gourmet: 625 Bridgeway.– Good, affordable delicatessens sandwiches as well as a gourmet present shop. Consume at the tables up front or stroll nearby to Yee Tock Chee Park.
  • Poggio Trattoria: 777 Bridgeway.– This place is a lot more up range compared to Venice Exquisite yet we have actually discovered that breakfast, coffee or lunch out on the pathway there is not insanely priced and makes for rather a good experience. It’s an excellent place to bring guests.
  • The Trident restaurant: 558 Bridgeway. They have among the best deck sights in Sausalito. Yet, go below for the sights instead of the service or rather costly food. It is a good place to stop in for beverages on the deck during the week when you intend to break down of town guests an outstanding experience.
  • Sausalito Yacht Harbor: — Walk north from the Ferryboat Landing along the boardwalk to see pricey boats at one of the top satisfaction boat harbors on the planet.
  • Preference of Rome: 1000 Bridgeway/Caledonia St.– This was previously component of the well-known Coffee shop Trieste chain. It has stayed quite similar and is still among one of the most prominent neighborhood coffee homes in the area. Clever atmosphere with large open home windows to capitalize on the fantastic Sausalito climate. Their fruit healthy smoothies are abnormally excellent.

3. Local Neighborhoods … Marinship and Caledonia St

In the north end of Sausalito is where a lot of the regional activity is during the week. This entire area is unfamiliar to out-of-towners however, as a matter of fact, has been a fundamental part of town given that World War II.

Caledonia Street, one block west of Bridgeway from Johnson St to Napa St, is meant to be the primary purchasing area for locals. It is not touristy, not interesting and also not active whatsoever on weekends however has some pleasant low profile neighborhood consuming places.

In the Might they have a local celebration participated in largely by residents unlike the gigantic Sausalito Art Fair; inspect our events web page around Could.

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Our preferred morning meal place below is Cafe Divino, 37 Caledonia/Johnson, an Italian cafe nearby three various other ethnic dining establishments which also have exterior street seats.

The Sausalito Premium Delicatessen, 209 Caledonia/Turney, has a great rear patio area however is not open Sundays. The local dive bar, Smitty’s, goes to 214 Caledonia St/Locust St; the last time we walked by they were planning to roast an entire pig on the road.

While right here you may prefer to see Studio 333, the largest artists’ Co-Op in the SF Bay area. At there 2 places are lots of products to buy by regional artists, many from the art hotbed known as Sausalito.

The Marinship community, eastern of Bridgeway and also north of Napa St, is Sausalito’s only commercial waterside location. We like this fashionable older location and usually begin strolling our means north along the informal shoreline from Dunphy Park, at Bridgeway/Napa St.

In the process you will certainly find sailing boat services, a very wonderful swimming coastline, canoe & rowing leasings, Le Garage indoor-outdoor French Dining establishment, and a range of boat docks.

Additional north in Marinship are a number of a lot more centers of local tasks such as:.

  • The Bay Version Visitor Center, which houses a 1.5 acre functioning pneumatic model of the SF Bay. This FREE exhibition is a have to see for the engineers and also kids in the household.
  • Marinship Park where the Sausalito Art Fair with it’s 50,000 annual visitors is held.
  • A nice big Modern Sailing school & Club, 2310 Marinship Way.
  • The Industrial Facility Structure (ICB), 480 Gate 5 Road, residences around functioning workshops for local artists and also a huge marine shop.
  • Fish Restaurant, 350 Harbor Dr, features a great outdoor deck and also lasting organic food. The Sausalito Seahorse, close by has blended testimonials as a restaurant/dance venue.
  • 500+ houseboats in numerous marinas, at the far north end of town.

4. Bubble Street Gallery

I arrived in Sausalito around noontime on Monday and did what I always carry out in small towns (well anywhere, in fact)– I went shopping. I’m a fool for stores that market one of a kind items and also I love weaving in and also out of these shops accumulating one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts for loved ones year round (I’m very particular I was Santa Claus in one more life).

Sausalito is a little waterfront town with shops picturesquely populating Bridgeway Road along the bay with sweeping views throughout to San Francisco. Bubble Street Gallery was the first place I stood out into and also was opened in 2012 by the surrealist musician, Daniel Merriam.

The gallery displays and also markets his most current jobs of passionately creative art in addition to a few items from neighborhood artists. It’s great for searching and they have a lovely selection of distinct fashion jewelry (my weakness) that was remarkably well priced as well as really did not spend a lot.

5. Nana’s Treasures

When I was a little lady as well as began to own my mom insane, she would send me to my area for an hour so she can obtain some solitude. She gave me a couple of options– either take a nap or read a book.

Therefore my reading fascination began and books became my most valued belongings. Growing up, I would never ever allow my mama throw them out no matter the number of times I had read them and my collection steadily increased up until it at some point brought to life my library (sadly I could not load it away to my small Manhattan apartment.

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Currently my priceless beings in disrepair mainly being made use of as a storeroom in exactly what is currently my brother’s home).

When I saw guides in Nana’s Prizes shop, it was like the mothership was calling me house. All throughout the shop were classic books, garments, and also knicknacks. However man, the books! A lady called Riza deals with a publication dealer and hand picks all the books for the store.

Her collection dates back to the 1500’s when she learnt I was from New york city, she revealed me this incredible Harper’s book from the late 1800’s NYC with images of residential structures, society dames, transportation, as well as the polo suits.

Sadly the rate was a little as well steep for me however it was a terrific discover and also part of me desires I would certainly have purchased it despite the fact that I would certainly of needed to deprive myself for a month to manage it.

6. F3 (Fast Food Francais)

In spite of the name, I in no chance obtained the vibe that this was a junk food restaurant. It did not have the greasy smell of heavily fried foods or the bored workers that could care less just what you intend to consume. In fact it was rather the contrary experience.

I was directed to F3 by a neighborhood Sausalitoian (I think I simply made that word up) that informed me it’s missed by many tourists because it’s not on the major waterfront street. It was among her preferred areas so I determined to examine it out.

Since it was 3pm on a Monday, it was mostly empty save 2 ladies having a company lunch so I published up at the bar to hangout with the bartender. He instantly asked me if I liked bourbon (his psychic capacities surprise me) and afterwards proceeded to make me the above mixed drink.

He had actually simply obtained a brand-new set of Jack Daniels Honey and was attempting to develop a new specialized drink for the menu and also I became his not-so-reluctant guinea pig (do not judge– I was technically on vacation).

A pair (or greater than a few) drinks later, I careless snacked on some scrumptious brussel sprout chips as well as a juicy BOS hamburger. F3 is known for food preparation conventional American recipes and after that ‘Frenching’ them up. The best component? Most menu items are $13 and under.

7. Soxalito

Regardless of the name, I in no way got the ambiance that this was a fast food dining establishment. It did not have the oily smell of heavily fried foods or the bored workers that couldn’t care less what you want to consume. In fact it was quite the other experience.

I was directed to F3 by a regional Sausalitoian (I believe I just made that word up) who informed me it’s missed by a lot of tourists given that it’s out the primary waterfront road. It was one of her favorite places so I decided to check it out.

Since it was 3pm on a Monday, it was primarily empty save two ladies having a business lunch so I posted up at the bar to hangout with the bartender. He quickly asked me if I liked scotch (his psychic capabilities surprise me) and then proceeded to make me the above cocktail.

He had actually just obtained a new batch of Jack Daniels Honey and also was attempting to create a brand-new specialized drink for the food selection and also I became his not-so-reluctant test subject (do not evaluate– I was technically on vacation).

A couple (or more than a few) beverages later, I careless snacked on some scrumptious brussel grow chips and a juicy BOS hamburger. F3 is recognized for cooking conventional American recipes then ‘Frenching’ them up. The best component? The majority of food selection products are $13 and also under.

A store that only offers socks ?! Not just any socks– seriously incredible ones. Mix crazy trendy socks with strong drinks at lunch and also you’ll go out of the store $80 poorer (yes I spent that much on socks. Merry Xmas dad as well as Kyle).

8. Madrigal Family Winery

It’s a sin to be this close to Napa Valley and not try some wine. On my walk with the city, I found the Madrigal Family Vineyard sampling room (in fact I was on my way to another tasting location when I observed that the person functioning this counter was very hot so I scrapped my initial plans).

Ends up he’s from Sonoma and has actually worked in vineyards a lot of his life. He’s currently handling this venue together with the other Madrigal sampling space in Napa which is very excellent considering he’s only 26.

A neighborhood lady appeared after coming on the ferryboat on her means house from work in San Francisco. She stated her hubby had actually informed her about this brand-new shop and also it had just been open for 3 weeks.

All of us 3 chatted for a while and also I discovered a great deal concerning the community and bordering areas. With her stories and communication with the owner of Madrigal, you can conveniently understand the feeling of local area in Sausalito.

It was a lot more apparent when he gave her wine at no cost because she needed to hurry home to her other half who was stuck to his seeing 90 year old in-laws (I needed to really spend for my 5 trips of wine. Think he knew I was a tourist).

9. Sausalito’s Floating Homes

Regarding a 40 minute walk (or 8 minute cab flight) away from midtown, you’ll locate a number of local areas composed of lovely ‘Floating Homes’ (tip– the citizens prefer this term as opposed to ‘houseboats’). This was the highlight of my journey to Sausalito.

I mosted likely to the Liberty Dock around 6pm when the haze was starting to roll in across the bay as well as I was the only one around besides the periodic resident walking their pet. It was peaceful as well as calm as well as I definitely dropped in love.

These individualistic homes are all connected to a series of anchors which you could go through. Their attractive ‘front verandas’ were embellished with art, benches, gardens. and so on. It was well worth the trip out there. I discovered later on that concerning 90% of the people who own these residences live there year round.

10. Blue and Gold Ferry

All prematurely, it was time to take heaven as well as Gold Ferryboat over to San Francisco to meet up with my employer as well as visit the airport terminal. The ferry only takes about Thirty Minutes and also the sights are wonderful as you take a trip throughout the bay to Angler’s Wharf. I might even see the sun setup over Alcatraz.

So what are the things to do in Sausalito that are your favorites?

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